by Zawacki

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Poor Girl 04:03
Poor Girl G C G Autumn breezed in askin’ for answers D off E/D With a chill her words she pointed at me G C G C I said I ain’t done mucha nothin’ G C D G But some how she blamed it all on me Chorus G D G I don’t know I don’t care Em C D If that whistle don’t blow in my ear G C G C One day you’ll be old and I’ll be happy G C D G With no bad memories of you poor girl I wasn’t there I swear it ain’t true I didn’t do what you say I have done All I can do is get past this freight train And maybe see clearly when this is all thru Chorus Wonder why you say it’s all my fault When I was most likely asleep in my tent I judged you poorly I thought you were my friend But maybe someday you’ll give it a chance Chorus I don’t know why you caused sucha raucous All of your fried apologized Why can’t you see that I did nothin’ Maybe someday you’ll give it a chance Chorus
Soul Scars 02:41
Soul Scars Capo 2 [G] Up in the hills with the sugar pine That’s were I [C] saw the great di[G]vide Between [C] folks on the [G] bush line and the [D] hearts of the bona [G] fide [G] Riding high up on the saddle That’s where I [C] like to spend my [G] time But I’m up the [C] creek without a [G] paddle stuck on the [D] road hauling over[G]time [G] That’s where I [C] found my con[G]fusion and when I [C] lost my state of [G] mind I thought it [C] was an il[G]lusion but my [D] soul it came un[G]twined [G] Across the plains and prairies Among the [C] heath and blazing [G] stars I remembered [C] times that were less [G] crazy when my [D] friends they had no [G] scars Chorus [G] When the wind swept the desert And the [C] sage it burned so [G] hot I eased my [C] pain in the [G] river All my [D] worries I for[G]got Chorus
Roanoke 03:23
Roanoke C Go on down to Garst Mill G C Where the wa-ter - cuts in deep C Snow banks along that sliding hill G C Those old memories I want to keep F C I can fell the heart of Roanoke G C Southern light form the Star is on my mind F C On the porch I could sit with Big Lick folk G C Where we would get lost in old times C Come on down to Brambleton G C For some pulled-pork - from the Coffee Pot C Who remembers Mount Vernon? G C The school for the Windsor lot Drive on down Electric Road Passed the old family church To meet the Spartans of Oak Grove And swing on that old Birch Take a left on Grandin It will lead you to Mudlick Through wonderings of all my kin Not a one lives in Big Lick
CAPO 1 [G] [C] [D] [G] In those times when you feel you can’t [D] take no more And your [G] ready to pull out a [D] teeth Turn a[C]round and [D] open [G] another [C] door And re[D]member to always [G] breath [G] [C] [D] [G] I can’t remember the last time I [D] saw your face But you [G] must of worn this same [D] smile Cause I [C] do re[D]call this [G] feeling’s [C] trace When you [D] took everything at the [G] trial [G] It’ll [C] all be over [D] soon Keepin’ [G] time by the light of the [C] moon If your [D] frettin’ in a moment of anguish Just hold [C] on it’ll [D] all be over [G] soon [G] [C] [D] Chorus break [G] [C] [D] [G] Your dark past isn’t tied to [D] time or reason You can [G] make your life most any[D]thing Send a [C] winter [D] storm into [G] any sea[C]son And [D] make those old memories [G] sing ChorusX2
What Matters 03:26
What Matters Capo 5 C What is it that matters to me? G Amelia she wanted to see C Am I didn’t have to think to hard G C I love my backyard C What is it that I care about? G A rhythm that I can beat out C Am And family to sing along G C And hard work to make me feel strong G C Amelia thanks for asking G C I’m glad to see that you care G C Amelia thanks for asking Am C G I’m sending you a prayer What is that I’d like to see? The world with many more trees Lakes as clean as your heart And Oh man do I love to fart What is it that matters to me? Fresh air oh that cool breeze Flowers by a mountain stream And I love a good scream What is it that I wish for? An end to all this war You know I love a good laugh And yes I want a Giraffe
Summer Days 05:32
Summer Day (A story of childhood lost) C F C All along the green tree line C G C Is where we used to spend our time F C G In the fields we used to climb G F C Running in the pines Now the fields are covered with hot blacktop And the trees replaced with a traffic cop All the kids they sit inside From the blistering sun they hide G Dm G What ever happened to the summer day when just outside we used to play G Dm Am Dm Down by the rippling creek we’d stay until the sun went down all the way Am Dm Am Dm Am G Am G all the way Am G C What ever happened to the summer day Way down by the old spring mill Or running deep into the rolling hills As Cowboys and Indians we played our brand Of make believe across the land Now the spring is covered with warning signs And the games replaced with a media shrine All the kids they watch T.V. From the simple old fun they flee Chorus We bounced 4-square in the quiet street Climbed the oaks in our dirty bare feet Spent all night in the old tree fort But for supper we’d report Now the road is loud with screaming cars And the lights to bright to see the stars All the kids they are flying high From Ritalin not their climb Chorus
Runaway 04:00
[G] [D] [C] [D] [G] [G] Ninety miles away from my [D] home Oh my [C] Mama said, “Why you [D] have to [G] go?” [G] Ninety miles away from my [D] home Oh yes [C] Daddy said, “Don’t do [D] nothin’ [G] wrong!” [G] I made my [D] life A whole new [G] me [G] I found a [D] wife [C] I [D] should be [G] free In this [C] world I [D] built to geta[G]way Yes I [C] was a [D] young dumb runa[G]way [G] My memories never felt like my [D] own I was [C] living with an [D] old borrowed [G] soul [G] My memories never felt like my [D] own I was [C] wandering [D] like a stray [G] foal chorus [G] After a long run I’m going [D] home Feels like [C] I never left or it even [D] crossed my [G] mind [G] After a long run I’m going [D] home Where I found a [C] piece of me, I had [D] left be[G]hind G] I made my [D] life [D] A whole new [G] me [G] I found my [D] wife [C] I [D] can be [G] free I had to go [C] so [D] I could be [G] free to dis[C]cover what [D] constituted [G] me Yes I [C] was a [D] young dumb runa[G]way I was [C] just a [D] young dumb runa[G]way
Adriatic Eyes [C] [G] When she was young [F] she rode through the [C] lemon groves [G] Her Tawny horse [F] raced cross the [C] tilled rows [G] [F] I can see her there [C] riding in the [F] pale sunrise [G] With the California dust [F] in her [G] Adriatic [C] eyes Fashioned by the crown and a humble prairie man Picking strawberries from the Oxnard Plain I can her there turning her fingers red With the pacific fog cooling her sweet bay hair [Am G F G] The [F] Color of the [C] Sea The [F] Color of the [C] Sea [F] Her Adriatic [G] Eyes they [C] be She discovered the world along the central coast Exploring every petal of the spring flower shows I can she her there smiling at the fresh Lupines With the washed western sky painted on her freckled skin We first met in forest of the Angels We swam in the waters of the Big Tujungas I can see us there building rock cairns With the Alders high above our lusting heads We settled by the shore along the breakwaters In the Harbor City we had our Daughter I can see her there growing each day in size With California dust in her Adriatic Eyes
My First Lover Part A: G C The soft bloom of her tender heart G D seared my eyes and tore me apart G C the kindness of her alluring smile G D cut to my soul and burned for awhile G C The siren call of her fawn skin eyes G D G scarred my skin and wouldn’t compromise Part B: G C From across the room at her I stared G D the first time my heart had ever cared G C my raging pulse beat I my eyes G D G she looked back at me and that was my demise Part C: G C G Oh yes she was my first lover G C G Oh yes she was why my heart it flared G C G Oh Yes she was my first lover G D G But she never even knew I cared Part A: G C The stony gaze of her gelid heart G D seared my eyes and tore me apart G C The callous gun of her steely smile G D cut my soul and burned for awhile G C The careless grin of her surly eyes G D G scarred my skin and wouldn’t compromise Part B: G C She whispered at me ‘why you lookin’ for” G D I raised up and declared “I’m lookin’ for the door G C The room it throbbed and my eyes they blurred G D G My love looked at me and I couldn’t say another word Part C: REPEAT
What We Were [Am] [F] [C] [G] [Am] [F] [C] [G] [Am] [F] [C] [G] [Am] I don’t think I [F] even re[C]member her [G] name [Am] but I know the [F] exact shade of her [C] wooden bed[G]frame. [C] I don’t re[G]call much of [F] what she [G7] said [Am] but her tender [F] lilting voice took [C] harbor in my [G] head. [F] Yes at times I [C] wonder [G7] where she [Am] is [F] and what if I [C] didn’t leave and [G] what she [Am] says about [G] what we were about [C] what we were And [G] yes sometimes I [G7] think about [C] her [Am] [F] [C] [G] I never told her how beautiful she was I was too afraid to share myself and all my flaws But I could see how she felt about me I saw her soul in her clear blue eyes, more vivid than the sea Chorus Verse Break I can see the sun through her morning window across that wet tobacco field the wind would blow The smell of her hair and her soft dulcet skin Calmed and soothed my rough and squally waters within Chorus
Hurricane Danny G My grey tent is sodden G My grey tent is sodden D in the wet sand G Black snake on the red clay C G Like the Muddy Rio Grande My home on the river My home on the river my summer on the lamb no high ground here today when the flooding breaks the Dam C G Stop your rising water C G stop that climbing I pray C G I never will meet my daughter D G if it don’t stop raining today It’s 1997 It’s1997 you rage across the sky you made landfall on the gulf coast you grew southern the rivers high rain in Alabama oh rain in Alabama four died where the peaches grow Carolina now has young ghosts ain’t no where your wind won’t blow chorus more rain in Virginia tornadoes in Virginia in piedmont you hover and twirl that trucker lost his big-rig you killed that poor little Charlotte girl Hurricane Danny Oh Hurricane Danny adrift went my home my last gasping big swig floating in Rivanna foam
Green Valley Girl [C] I first saw her [F] in the [C] sunrise A [F] daughter with no [C] sire She stood so [F] tall and she[C]he smiled [G] harder Her [Am] mama couldn’t [G] fill the [C] lauder [C}I remember [F] when I [C] meet her Out [F] front diggin’ [C] tatters Wearing [F] boots and a [C] flowered [G] sundress She asked [Am] me to please [G] pardon her [C] mess Chorus: [C] All I said was, I don’t [G] mind Baby I don’t [F] mind You’re so [Dm] beautiful I don’t [C] mind She showed me all her troubles And we made good lovers Running naked in the mountain dust Polishing love from a statue of rust One day she, had to tell me With her smile a little shaky I don’t know what life, it can be And tomorrow I’m leaving Green Valley Chorus


released September 1, 2012

Cover Art by Leslie Allyn


all rights reserved



Zawacki Long Beach, California

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